blue wedding car
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Betty Blue.

Here we have "Betty Blue" She is a 1967 splitscreen camper imported from California in 2008 and restored. She has many upgrades to make her more comfortable and safer whilst retaining her classic looks. She has a bench rear seat for 2 which includes a lap belt and a 3 point inertia belt. She also has additional seating up front and 2 small rear facing seats. Please see layout and more pictures in Gallery.



Here we have Ruby. She is also a 1967 splitscreen van, One of the last German vans in this shape. She's been lovingly restored to make her more practical and safer with a very nice ride quality. She has seating for up to 4 adults. Please check gallery for more images.



Here is Hattie. She is a 1965 beetle in stunning original condition. She is suitable for 2 passengers in the rear and maybe one in the front as well. She is totally standard just as she left the factory. She's normally cheaper to hire that the buses. Perfect to add to one of the campers if you need to transport more people